14 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually Your Partner For Life


Thought Catalog


  1. You make promises together you’d never make with anyone else. And you actually know they’ll happen. You talk about someday starting a business together, taking a cross-country road trip, adopting a couple of dogs together. They’re the only person in your life you can create these kinds of plans with and know they’ll really happen.
  1. Any small detail you think they’d be interested in you HAVE to text them right away about it no questions asked. A funny coincidence that happened, a brand new song you just found on Spotify you’ve already fallen madly in love with, a gorgeous new lip color – these things MATTER and your best friend is the only one who not only understands why they matter but is genuinely interested.
  1. You’re not afraid of conflict. Sometimes shitty things come up and they have to be dealt with. With your best friend you…

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